Broadcast 5KW FM Transmitter

5kW Solid State FM Transmitter


5 kW FM Mono / MPX / Stereo Transmitter

FM Transmitters 5000W (5kW) air-cooled, new type with power supply plug-in

Eletec take this opportunity to inform you that we are introducing two new product lines ,which I think may be of great interest to all broadcaster’s

The first one are integrated FM Transmitters (compact) from 2KW, 4kW to 5KW (5000W), who in addition to owning the best energy efficiency possible today, they also have the power supplies pull out for easy maintenance and inexpensive servicing .

The second product line, is made by FM transmitters with Digital Generator, (and optional 6 band processing hot plug), which will be equipped with this new technology …

They will be commercially competitive, and they will be also able to Broadcast FM directly from Streaming-IP
without the need for any other auxiliary equipment and without passing by any analogue circuits.

FM Compact Transmitter 2000W, 2500W, 3000W, 3500W, 4000W, and 5000W new type with power supply plug-in